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The Museum offers a new kind of experience. It is the live enactment of digital escape-the-room games. You and your friends will be put in a specially designed place from which you will have to escape by elucidating a mystery that has remained unsolved for a decade.
Real escape games entail finding clues that lead to the solving of puzzles, the final goal of which is the escape from the space specially built for this game. This can take many forms but is usually composed of one or a set of chambers. In the latter case , the rooms can either represent different levels (thus, after a new chamber is opened, the one before it no longer has any significance) or create a co-dependan ensemble. For the museum we have opted for the second option. There are real escape games in Japan, America, Australia, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, China and Hungary. Recently the concept has also appeared in Romania (in Cluj-Napoca and Oradea for now ). This type of game was born out of the desire to transform the digital escape the room format into a reality.
“We thought this(real escape game) might be something that was needed yet that had never been created anywhere before. We live in a world where we can theoretically do anything we want. It is, however, so difficult to really feel free in our actions and really have fun with others. In the adventure, you can escape if you fulfill your role. The game was created so that anyone with good ideas, creativity, and good communication skills can manage to escape. But there aren’t many places like this around us. This place creates a kind of energy that was needed, yet never created anywhere else. When confronted with time limits and confined spaces, people think outside of the box and really have a blast.I often think that the normal life we lead could become meaningful if we changed how we look at it. Imagine if there was a secret code underneath this desk, or if a key was hidden under the sofa, or if the young man next to you had a secret letter. If you look at the world as if it were an adventure like this, I think it would be kind of nice and mysterious. I always hope this new and engaging REAL ESCAPE GAME can make your life more thrilling. If this game could become a bridge between reality and adventure, we would be so proud of ourselves to the point we’d be satisfied with our lives even if we just got wasted on beer for the rest of our lives.” Takao Kato, creator of the first real escape game





You will have to approach everything from someone else’s point of view, that of the character who will help you and your friends untangle the mistery that has remained unsolved for a decade.



Fed up with going to the same place ever time? Bring your friends to see a work of art. Imagine telling them that they also have to find a way out of it.



A sense of observation, ingenuity and creativity are not enough to escape on time. Cooperation, sharing information and team spirit are also necessary . A perfect activity for TEAM-BUILDING.

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Reguli Generale

The Museum Room Escape nu dorește să sperie sau să traumatizeze (atât fizic cât și psihic) jucătorii. Puzzle-urile din cadrul jocului nu necesită forță pentru rezolvare. Este nevoie de răbdare, putere de concentrare și spirit de observație.
Puzzle-urile nu conțin elemente care ar putea răni fizic jucătorii.
Nu suntem răspunzători dacă jucătorii se vor răni (intenționat sau nu) în decorațiuni, dar va vom oferi primul ajutor la fata locului .
Jocul durează maxim 60 de minute.
În cazul în care jucătorii distrug elemente ale jocului în mod voit, vom apela serviciul local de poliție iar bunul va fi platit integral conform bonului fiscal cu care a fost achizitionat.
Jucătorii sunt rugați să se prezinte cu 10 minute înainte de începerea jocului. În cazul în care grupul nu este prezent la ora specificată, se va refuza accesul acestora la joc cu posibilitate de reprogramare.
Jocul poate să fie jucat și de persoanele care nu vorbesc limba română, indiciile fiind disponibile in engleza, franceza, ungara (maghiara) si romaneste.
Nu permitem accesul jucătorilor care se află in stare de ebrietate sau sub influența altor substante.
Ne rezervam dreptul de a ne selecta clientii.


Pretul este de 40 de lei de persoana pentru grupuri de 2 persoane, 35 de lei de persoana pentru grupuri de 3-4 persoane si 30 de lei de persoana pentru grupuri mai mari de 5 persoane.
Oferim 5 lei reducere din pretul final, pentru fiecare elev sau student, care prezinta un document valid ( carnet vizat, Studcard, Legitimatie de transport valabila)
Practicam reduceri de 10%, 15 % si 20% prin cupoane si materiale promotionale .
În cazul în care pierdeți sau nu prezentați cuponul, nu putem onora reducerea.
Cupoanele de reducere se pot folosi o singură data și nu se cumulează.

Anularea rezervarii

Persoana care a facut rezervarea o poate anula în orice moment și este responsabilă de informarea tuturor jucătorilor din grup.
Anularea unei rezervări este gratuită si se poate face doar telefonic .
Rezervarea poate să fie anulată cu minim o oră înainte de începerea jocului.
Ne rezervăm dreptul să anulam rezervări făcute de persoane răuvoitoare.
În cazul unor evenimente neprevăzute, ne rezervăm dreptul să anulăm o rezervare. Persoana care a făcut rezervarea va fi notificată prin e-mail și/sau telefon.
In cazul in care nu anulati rezervarea la timp, sau nu o onorati, informatiile de contact vor fi trecute pe lista neagra.
Persoanele de pe lista neagra nu vor mai putea face rezervari timp de 3 luni la The Museum si la jocurile de evadare cu care suntem parteneri la nivel national.


Locația dispune de 2 locuri de parcare supravegheata video in curtea interioara. Parcarea este gratuita pe baza rezervarii.
Vă recomandăm să lasați mașina în parking, pentru a evita evenimente neplăcute (amenzi, ridicarea mașinii).

In cazul in care caroseria autoturismului dumneavoastra are latime mai mare de 190 cm , va rugam sa parcati in apropiere , iar noi va decontam ticket-ul .



The Museum was a popular place in Cluj for many years; each of its citizens having visited it at least once in their lifetime. But once the main attraction was suddenly stolen, the museum’s fame fell and fell until it became completely forgotten. The only person that never gave it up was the museum guard. He searched for the thieves till the very end. Since he didn’t succeed he left the task of recovering the missing diamond to anyone brave enough to enter The Museum.


The diamond was found. But that only raises more questions deephens the mistery. Is it possible that the museum’s guard was hidding something or was he just a pawn in someone else’s scheme? The only place where some answers could be found is the guard’s home. In an abandoned, unwelcoming house the clues that will lead both to the escape and the revealing of the villan’s identity need to found and pieced together. Who will dare to awaken the ghosts of the past and look beyond apearances in order to rewrite the ending to this bizzare occurance


You and your team are members of a private intelligence agency.
Your mission is to infiltrate the labs of a Romanian research base. You have one hour to identify and extract the microchip with the latest discoveries made by the researchers. Will you be able to fulfill the mission without getting caught?


The Romanian research base needs your team for a mission of extreme importance.
You have been selected to revival of an abandoned project. Working together, you will reactivate and launch a space station to Mars. Your success is vital for the
future of Romanian space exploration!


To save time, you can book by phone at the following number:


Where can you find us ?

On a street parallel to 21 Decembre , behind Samuel Brassai Highschool at number 7. You have the clue, the rest is up to you, this is your first test.

What is the schedule?

It depends on when you wish to come, we function non-stop, based on reservations.

If I come by car, where will I park?

There are 2 parking spots in the interior yard; moreover, they are in the range of the surveillance cameras. The parking is free and available at request at the moment when you make a reservation. IMPORTANT! The gate at the entrance does not allow the access of vehicles wider than 190 cm.

Will it be frightening?

Very if you have a fobia of furniture. Come on now, what can be scary about a museum?

What is the minimum age required?

Since the clues are quite complicated, the minimum age allowed is 12. However, the participation of an adult will be necessary.

What happens if I can’t escape in 60 minutes?

If you don’t succeed in escaping on time , after 60 minutes the game stops and the door will be opened. The attraction of the game is the challenge itself and not necessarily the victory.

Is your question not on the list?

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